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Help reduce the signs of ageing with Ahava Dead Sea products

Ahava Active Deadsea Minerals Time to hydrate Essential Day Moisturiser

The Hype
Time to Hydrate is a fast absorbing moisturiser that is designed to provide long lasting hydration to give a smoother and younger looking complexion. The product has a lot of ingredients although its major selling point is of course Dead Sea Water.

The Lowdown
The moisturiser is quite basic and does not feature any anti ageing properties, SPF or anti oxidants. The addition of Dead sea water is great for problem skin as the high salt content helps to repair and soften the skin. The moisturiser has a lovely scent and the light cream quickly sinks into the skin. I didn’t notice any reduction in fine lines but didn’t really expect to. It’s a nice product that left my skin feeling really soft the next morning.

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Dead Sea Osmoter Concentrate

The Hype
Designed to aid moisture and radiance in your skin this boosting serum  uses high concentrates of Dead sea minerals. Over time the concentrate aims to restore your skins vitality enhancing its natural ability to retain moisture and keep hydrated. The serum is quite unique in that is boosts your skins cellular functions to counteract ageing by adding clarity and luminosity. Tests have found that:

The Lowdown
Anything that helps to counteract ageing is a good thing, but does the concentrate live up to its claims As I only had a small sample I obviously wasn’t using this over a long period of time, however the product does claim to have some effect overnight. The serum has a light gel consistency and quickly sinks into the skin. It does have a semi strong smell that is neither pleasant nor unpleasant but I can’t say it bothered me that much. I applied the serum for two nights in a row and can’t say I noticed a massive difference. This may be down to the limited time I was testing the product.

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Before and After Dead Sea Mineral TIme to Hydrate Essential Moisturiser

Dead Sea Osmoter Eye Concentrate

The Hype
Like its face counterpart the Dead Sea Osmoter eye concentrate is designed to focus entirely on improving the appearance of the skin around your eye. As the skin is more sensitive around the eye it features cucumber and aloe vera to help calm skin and reduce any puffiness. The concentrate features 3x the concentration of the key product the osmoter to help moisturise and transform skin.

The Lowdown
The concentrate is very light which is great as it doesn’t weigh down skin. I have quite dark circles and fine lines so I was hoping it would help to reduce those. With a triple dose of the active concentrate I was optimistic that my skins vitality would be restored. The serum appears quite thin but feels thicker when I apply it and it has a slight perfume scent. I felt this product performed the best out of the range as the skin around my eye looked a lot firmer in the morning, although I can’t really say the under eye circles were reduced.

Before and After Dead Sea Osmoter Eye Concentrate

Time to Revitalise Extreme Firming Eye Cream

The Hype
Like the eye concentrate Time to Revitalise features Avaha’s Osmoter, Extreme Complex and Red Microalgae to help reduce wrinkles and firm the delicate skin around the eyes. The powerful formula claims to help repair your skin by covering it in a protective shield that over time will help to improve its elasticity. You can apply it morning and night to get a more youthful appearance.

The Lowdown
The cream is very thick and a little goes a long way in coating the entire eye area. It has quite a strong chemical smell which I can’t say is that pleasant. I didn’t notice much difference the next morning but it may take a little longer to take effect. It works well under makeup and helps to soften any puffiness. As with the Eye Concentrate I  had heard good reviews and was hoping for some good results with the fine lines around my eyes and dark circles. The cream has quite a thick consistency but it soon absorbs into the skin. I didn’t notice any overnight anti-ageing effect but it may work better over time.

Before and After Time to Revitalise Firming Eye Cream

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