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Helen E Stage Foundation review

The Gloss
Helen E Stage Foundation is a multi-function product that is fantastic for the stage and screen but still light enough for everyday use.

Formulated to create the perfect base it will leave your complexion looking and feeling flawless for longer. The foundation is paraben and fragrance free, and contains Vitamin E and natural antioxidant properties so you can ensure it will be leave your skin soft and well moisturised.

The Lowdown
When I was offered the opportunity to pick several Helen E products to test, this foundation really caught my eye. I currently use Lancome Touche Miracle and whilst it is good I’m always on the look out for something that’s a ‘little bit better’. The idea of a stage foundation conjures up a image of luminous movie star skin and that was a effect I was keen on achieving.

The packaging is fairly plain and the foundation bottle itself is really light. When I swatched the foundation I found it was actually really dark and didn’t seem anything like the Monroe fair shade it described itself as on the box. I had visions of looking like an oompa loompa and I have to say that did put me off using it a little bit.

When I applied the cream I found it blended into my skin really well and I didn’t look at all orange, but I was less pale and had more warmth to my face. The coverage is okay and whilst it could conceal a few minor blemishes it certainly doesn’t have the capability for covering any major spot or under eye circles. It was dewy and made my skin glow in places and didn’t leave it greasy.

I would say my skin does look quite nice wearing this foundation and it is a easy to wear day product. Whilst it is designed for the stage I wouldn’t say it has the strength required to stay looking good in front of the camera and lights for a long time as it is quite light.

I give it 3/5