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Helen E Cosmetics Skin Illuminator Review

The Gloss
Designed to be worn alone or mixed with your foundation, Helen E skin illuminator adds a gorgeous healthy glow that lasts all year long.

The formula is light weight and moisturising with light reflecting particles for radiant and dewy skin. It’s especially effective on cheek and brow bones but can also be used on your shoulders and decollete for a delicate shimmer.

The Lowdown
The product comes in a sheer baby pink tube which in itself has light reflecting particles. It is sealed for extra freshness and a small amount goes a long way.The product did illuminate my skin however it was on a more minimalistic scale and you don’t end up looking like you’ve rubbed glitter all over your face. It gives the skin a very light shimmer that is light reflecting.

I used it on my cheek bones and found it added a bit of depth and contrast to my face that wasn’t there before. Whilst it is hard to see on the pictures I can assure you in the flesh the illumination is there!

It’s a nice little product that gets the job done, although you can probably buy a product for half the price that does the same thing.

I give it 3/5

Get yours for £18.00 at Helen E Cosmetics