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Helen E Cosmetic Cream and Concealer Duo: Tried and Tested

The Gloss
Whilst life may be full of choices and options, Helen E’s Cosmetic Cream and Concealer duo helps to make life easier with their one shade fits all pack. The colour is designed to suit most skin tones whether you are very fair, olive or light Asian.

The concealer is lightweight, lasts all day and gives a natural flawless finish. It works by brightening up under eye shadows and reducing redness with the yellow concealer.

The Lowdown
Over the years I have sought long and hard for a concealer that actually lasted longer then two hours, didn’t make me look like a panda and helped me look awake. Despite trying many different brands, types and different ways of applying I’ve yet to find that holy grail of concealers. So when Helen E gave me the chance of trying their concealer I was a little sceptical to say the least that one shade could benefit all.

So how did it fare?

The product is smartly packaged in a silver carry case. Inside are two shades, a darker tan like shade and a very fair pale shade. In case you need to touch your makeup whilst on the train or at work there’s also a mirror for easy application. The cream is covered with a plastic sheet which is making the concealer sweat and on removing the plastic I found it’s actually quite wet.

The concealer feels sweaty and quite loose on application. I initially applied the tan shade and felt it didn’t really conceal anything. The pale yellow shade doesn’t add much coverage and the area under my eyes just looked greasy.

I have to say I’m really disappointed with concealer and can’t say the product really did anything for me.

I give it 1/5


Get yours for £16.50 at Amazon