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Hairstyles you can create in under 10 minutes

Now and again I like to try a new hairstyle to vamp up my look. This particular hairstyle only takes about ten minutes to do and looks very glamorous indeed.

1. Sweep your hair up into a high ponytail

2.Get hold of your ponytail and slowly pull it apart so there is a hole in the middle

3. Pull your ponytail through the hole

4. Once you have pulled your hair through the hole you have created tighten the tail. You should now have a inverted ponytail.

5. Plait the ponytail

6. Take the plait and thread it into the hole you created earlier. Then secure with bobby bins.

Voila you’re done. Do let me know how you got on with this and if there’s any hairstyles you’d like me to recreate for you.