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Hair colour hacks that will make dying your hair easier then ever

Hair colour hacks that will make dying your hair easier then ever

If I could do a poll on how many women still have their natural hair colour I probably wouldn’t be surprised by the results.  Dying your hair is great for changing your look and feeling like a new woman – but it does come with its own problems. If you’re new to hair colouring, or even if you’ve been dying it for years, there’s always tips and tricks you can learn to make your hair look its best.

Learn from the pros
When first applying the dye to your hair it’s best to apply it to damp – rather than soaking wet hair. By applying it to damp hair you’ll get a more subtle look.

Try something new
We’ve all heard of balayage where you use dye to lighten the ends of your hair. Why not switch it up and reverse the process by using a darker shade on the ends to create more depth and texture in layered hair.

Fake the sunkissed effect
When the sun comes out and kisses your hair it can leave it looking bright and a lot lighter then normal. To create a artificial halo effect apply a band of cream colourant one shade lighter then your hair around the crown of your head. Your hair will be looking bright and beautiful in no time!

If you try any of these out do be sure to let me know how you got on!