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Gosh Contour ‘n Strobe kit review

Gosh Contour 'n Strobe kit review

Gosh Contour’ n Strobe kit has been designed to make it easier for you to sculpt and enhance your best features. Available in two shades light and medium, the formula has a creamy soft texture that allows you to easily blend together.

Initially I was really excited to try the Gosh Contour n’ Strobe kit, it looked really professional and amazing value for money. The palette which features a highlighter, blush and two contrasting contour shades appears to have strong pigmented colour – perfect for creating a sculpted look.

Gosh Contour n Strobe kit swatch

However when I swatched the palette I was disappointed to see what a poor colour payoff it seemed to have. All colours in this palette are very faint and whilst I attempted to build up the colour it didn’t have much effect, especially on the lightest contrast shade. The highlighter is very dull and flat and on the swatch I didn’t really notice much of a highlight effect. The blusher is very light but would probably be ok for a natural glow. I was surprised to see the contrast shades were so faint and feel this is a little disappointing considering it wasn’t the cheapest palette.

Gosh Contour n Strobe kit review shades

The palette performs marginally better when applied to my face, although the colours are still faint. The blusher gives a slight natural flush to my skin but it is buildable. I wasn’t overly keen on the highlighter appearance on my skin as it was initially a little harsh but after a bit of blending this faded out to a subtle iridescent glow. I decided to use the darker contrast shade as the lightest one was so faint. It does give a nice warm glow to my face and can be built up for a tanned look.

The Gosh contour palette had me guessing a lot in terms of its effectiveness and whilst the swatch was not great it did thankfully perform better on my face. In all honesty I think there are better contour palettes out there and the Rimmel Sculpting palette in Coral Glow is probably the best budget one.

I give it 2/5

Grab it for £12.99 

Gosh Contour n Strobe kit review before and after



Gosh Contour Kit review