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Behind the scenes of Glitz and Glamour Makeup Youtube channel

Behind the scenes of Glitz and Glamour Makeup Youtube channel

If you’re a avid follower of Glitz and Glamour Makeup You’ll know that in addition to blogging on the website I run a YouTube channel. The channel is branded under the same name and features hauls, makeup reviews, beauty tips and more. In today’s post I’m going to give you a behind the scenes insight into what goes into making one of my Glitz and Glamour Makeup YouTube videos and I what I do at each step. This video is a sneak peek into my latest Primark haul.

behind the scenes 1

Uploading my videos

Once I have recorded my video I upload them to my computer. My camera does have a wireless facility but I could never get it to work so a trusty USB cable does the trick!

behind the scenes 2

What I use to create my videos

I use Corel Video Studio Pro x6 to create my YouTube videos. The movie studio is really easy to use and although it’s a bit outdated now it allows me to easily sequence my videos together, adding in graphics and sound clips with ease.

behind the scenes 3

Viewing my videos

After uploading my videos I click on each one to see them in the viewfinder.

behind the scenes 4

Trimming to size

The view finder is a really easy way to see what part of the clip I need to remove. I use the two orange indexers to trim the clip.

behind the scenes 5

Adding in graphics

Once my clips are all in place I pick a graphic to place my title on. Sometimes I will record a extra clip of video and place the title on that instead

behind the scenes 6


This is the selection of titles that I pick from for my videos.

behind the scenes 7

Incorporating my title and sound clip

After setting up my title how I like it I add a music clip underneath so it will play as the titles roll. As this is a Christmas clip I have incorporated a Christmas song into the video.

behind the scenes 8


When I go through my video I make sure the clips flow seamlessly. If they don’t I will put a transition in. My favourites are fades and dissolve as they’re the most natural.

behind the scenes 9

End clip

At the end of my YouTube video I put in a end clip that features my social media links. This is so I can hopefully get more followers on my channels.

behind the scenes 10

Time for rendering!

Once I’m happy with my video I click on share and create video file. I tend to create mpeg videos in 1240 resolution.

behind the scenes 11

Uploading to YouTube

The next step I take is to upload my video to YouTube. Always make sure you write a description as that helps your video to be picked up on google. I also add as many relevant tags as I can. Adding playlists helps viewers to find linked content easily. I upload it on private initially so it doesn’t get people seeing it in the incomplete state!

behind the scenes 12

It’s all about the thumbnail

Thumbnails are what sell a YouTube video amongst a sea of identical videos. Make sure yours stands out and don’t use a image that YouTube renders

behind the scenes 13


Once everything is complete I change the private settings to scheduled. I always schedule my videos to go live every Saturday. I also add a description into the share box. The video is set to share on Twitter and Google+.

behind the scenes 14

End screen and cards

These are a great way to advertise other videos you’ve done and put up a request for people to subscribe to your channel.

I hope you enjoyed my behind the scenes. Do head over to YouTube to catch up on some of my latest content!

behind the scenes at glitz and glamour makeup youtube channel