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Glitz and Glamour Makeup 2017 year in review and aims for 2018

2017 year in review and aims for 2018

Last year I had big ambitions for Glitz and Glamour Makeup. I wanted to focus on building up my traffic and to increase the amount of followers I held on the major social media platforms.

So how did I do? Take a look into Glitz and Glamour Makeup 2017 year in review.

Looking back on the past year there has been some highs and lows, my unique visitors have almost doubled but my page views have gone down. This is disappointing but I like to look on the bright side as unique visitors are pretty important when it comes to gaining sponsorship. I’ve had a few collaborations on the blog but I would love to have had more and that is my biggest aim for 2018, in addition to growing the levels of traffic. In September 2017 I moved over to WordPress, a big change for me as I’ve been on Blogspot since I started. I haven’t seen a huge increase in traffic since using Yoast but they say it can take up to 6 months for the full effects of SEO to take effect. Hopefully next year I will see organic traffic increase.

2017 year in review and aims for 2018 pinterest


I’ve started to use Canva for Pinterest to create pinnable images that make my posts stand out. Using this technique has really helped to increase interest in my posts, and using board booster in conjunction with this has sent my pin views through the roof. As Pinterest is ultimately a search engine I have tried to zone in on keywords and no longer use hash tags as they’re not really relevant on the site.

2017 year in review and aims for 2018 youtube


I focused more on YouTube and aimed to increase my subscriber level to at least 1,100 by the end of 2017. I’m happy to say I succeeded and gained even more followers on top of my goal. I love creating reviews and providing an honest perspective for my viewers.

2017 year in review and aims for 2018 facebook


Facebook is one of the hardest platforms to grow a good following and engagement on. As Facebook doesn’t like you posting links to other sites it reduces the amount of people who see your updates which means very few people actually get to see your content. I’ve been sharing funny videos and clips to increase engagement and it does work, I just need to keep building on my following.

2017 year in review and aims for 2018 twitter


Twitter is a fantastic way of engaging with other bloggers and finding out about new reviews and opportunities. I find it’s a lot easier to comment and retweet on other people’s posts without feeling intimidated as it’s such a open network. I didn’t quite hit my target but I wasn’t far off!

glitz and glamour makeup 2017 year in review


I was really keen to increase my following on Instagram, as like Pinterest, I only had a small following. I’m pleased to say I smashed my target of 1,000 and gained more followers than I could dream of. Hopefully I can maintain this in 2018.

What are your aims for 2018? Are you proud at the way your blog has grown in the past year? I love to hear your thoughts so do comment below!

2017 year in review and aims for 2018