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Glam up your look for the Office Christmas Party with Barry M Glamour Puss Eyeshadow and blush palette

 Barry M Glamour Puss is one of two new compacts launched by Barry M for the winter season.

With six eyeshadows and a blusher each compact is designed to reflect a certain look or style. For the purpose of this review I’m testing Glamour Puss Eyeshadow and blush palette, a compact with colours designed to reflect the sexy inner goddess waiting to burst out.

The compact comes with a mirror and two double ended eyeshadow brushes for easy application.

From left to right I swatched the white, blue, purple, green, brown and grey eyeshadows. Each shade has a lovely shimmer to it, especially the blue, purple and green tones. I did feel once swatched the colours did change slightly and became a lot lighter then they appear in the palette.

Using the blue, purple, white and grey eyeshadows I designed a style that would look great on a night out. To recreate this simply follow the directions in the picture.

The blusher is a lovely addition to what could be considered mainly a eyeshadow palette. The blusher sweeps on really well and really brightens my complexion. Despite being quite a deep pink I don’t think it is too heavy on my skin, and most importantly I don’t end up looking like a clown. The effect is very much like the rosy glow you get after going for a run or being out in the cold too long which is great for that natural effect.

I love the versatility of this palette and how I can create so many different looks with the various eyeshadows. Each shade is really pigmented and once applied gives more of a shimmery effect. The blusher is a nice addition and means you can travel light when you’re out and about.