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Give your feet some tlc!

You’ll put a lot of thought and planning into your summer outfit and makeup so why ignore one of your most important parts – your feet!

The skin on your feet is 20 times thicker then the skin on your face so if you want your tootsies to look set in that latest pair of kitten heels a quick rubbing of moisturiser simply won’t do the job.

Dry Skin

If your skin is dry it means they’re lacking vital nutrients. Use Scholl Dry Skin Exofliator (RRP £4.49) to smooth dry rough skin and promote skin renewal. To get the best results and return your feet to their former glory complete the process with Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream (RRP £5.99)

Hard Skin

If you’re prone to thick hard skin you could try Scholl Hard Skin softening cream (rrp £6.12), it uses salicylic acid to soften the skin in seven days. Once the skin is softened try using Scholl Hard Skin Remover (£10.61) which removes stubborn hard skin instantly and effectively.

Cracked Skin

When the skin on your feet gets stressed it may crack which can be very painful if there are active sores. Try using Scholl Cracked Skin Heel Repair Cream Active Repair Kit (Rrp £6.12) that stimulates skin cell regrowth and repair. Follow this up with Cracked Heel Profile (Rrp £9.18) to remove hard skin. Finally keep your heels rehydrated to avoid them cracking again with Scholl Cracked Heel Express Stick (Rrp £7.14)

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