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Give the gift of you this Christmas

unique video christmas cards

Don’t you just love how creative the internet allows you to be. You can totally rock Christmas this year with Christmas cards that have a video of you. Yes that’s right these totally unique cards by Choosey have a link to a video which the receipt can visit and play. Whilst it’s not as hitech as having a hologram of you appearing out of the card it’s the next best thing !

choosey variety of video cards

The technology which is known as ar basically incorporates a barcode in your card allowing for private viewing of your video.

The process of creating the card is pretty easy. The site has a wide selection of cards for every occasions like birthdays and of course Christmas. You can narrow things down even further with options like ‘for her’, ‘friend’, ‘age’ etc.

how to attach a video on choosey

attaching a video to your card on choosey

Once you’ve picked your card you can upload your video. There is the option to download the app and upload a video through there or through the website on your desktop. I would probably recommend using the app mainly because there is a timer when you’re doing your video which stops your video being too large. The site is restricted to 10mb videos which you can very easily go over as I did!

I made a Christmas card for my dad, picked a design then uploaded my short video through the app. Once I’d uploaded the video I could add a extra message in the card as well.

adding a message to a card with choosey

The only downside I would say is you can’t really have lengthy videos so if you wanted a sentimental video for a friend it probably won’t work. It is however great for a novelty greeting card that will stand out from the rest of the cards on the mantelpiece!

Choosey are giving you all a chance to win £40 to spend on cards. To enter simply follow the instructions on the widget below.

Win 10 free Choosey greeting cards inc postage #16

If you don’t want to take part or can’t wait for the competition to win you can get a 25% discount with the code BGCHRISTMAS16. The competition will end on the 15th December 2016. Good luck!