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Get your smile up to 3 shades whiter with Colgate Max white Expert White Toothbrush and whitening pen

The Hype

Transform your smile with the brand new Colgate Max White Expert White Toothbrush and whitening pen.

The brand new product has been developed with a clinically proven system that utilises peroxide to get your teeth up to 3 shades whiter.

Whilst there are many whitening products on the market, very few actually use peroxide which can limit the effectiveness and longevity of the results.

The Lowdown

When a PR company approached me about this brand new tooth whitening product I was really keen. I wouldn’t say my teeth are extremely yellow but they have been slightly stained by Coca Cola and tea over the years. I was also a little bit surprised to see it actually contained peroxide as it is often only used by dentists. The whitening pen comes with a toothbrush which has a secret little compartment in which you can store the pen. I thought that little aspect was pretty awesome and you certainly won’t lose it.

The system is really easy to use, you simply brush your teeth with the toothbrush, turn the knob to apply the pen and then put the pen inside the brush. I found storing the pen in the brush a bit fiddly and it doesn’t fit in snugly like I had imagined it would. Instead it looks about a mile long and you’ll have trouble storing it comfortably in your bathroom cupboard.

For best results you should apply the pen morning and evening for 3 weeks until the pen is empty. After one use my teeth do actually seem a lot brighter so I’m quite impressed and looking forward to the end results.

Over the next three weeks I will be recording my result every morning and I will post the final review in three weeks time. Don’t forget to come back to see if I get a whiter smile.

Have you tried out Colgate Max White Pen? What did you think of it?

colgate max white teeth whitening pen review