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Get all your shopping completely for free with Boom25

Get all your shopping completely for free with Boom25

If you love cashback but you don’t feel you get rewarded enough, it’s time to try Boom25

Whilst I love traditional cashback sites for earning a bit of money on top of my purchase, often the cashback can be quite low. So when I heard there was a cashback site that let me earn back every single penny I’d paid out I was intrigued. Boom25 is a unique concept in that it throws in the game of chance into the world of cashback.

How does Boom25 work?

In its simplest form Boom25 is a cashback site that lets you win your order completely for free. So whether you’ve spent £15.00 on Just Eat or £2,000.00 at Curry’s you’ll get every penny back. Like most competitions you’re not guaranteed to win but the odds are generally more in your favour then most competitions you’ll ever enter. The site works on a algorithm that puts every qualified purchase into a draw. On every 25th purchase the computer will pick a winner and you’ll be sent an email to play spin the wheel. If you’re the 25th purchase you’ll win. Boom25 also run hot deals which can increase your chance of winning further by reducing the odds.

Get all your shopping completely for free with Boom25 1

Some of the hot deals this week include Book People with a 1:10 odds, Deichmann with 1:25 odds and Guess with 1:15 odds. There are hundreds of retailers to pick from including both high street and designer stores. If you are the winner you can withdraw your money through PayPal, the time this takes to clear does depend on the retailer.

So whether you need to renew your insurance, buy some new clothes or even book tickets to Alton Towers you could get everything for free. Whilst other cashback sites guarantee a small income on your purchases what could be more exciting then winning all your money back. Sign up with Boom25 today and start getting your orders for free.

I have collaborated with Boom25 on this post

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get your shopping for free with boom25