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Get your nails ready for Christmas with Barry M Nail Paint in Boots Limited edition 336


Barry M Nail Paint in Boots 336 is a limited edition nail varnish especially for Christmas.

Whilst the glitter looks quite densely packed in the bottle a base coat will be needed to ensure the glitter doesn’t look too faint and washed out. There is a combination of green, red and purple colours combined in the polish. I love how the jazzy metallic sheen of the red topper really gets you into the Christmas spirit.

I used Kate Spade New York, a rich vibrant red to match the undertones of the glitter.

The glitter seemed to kind of melt into the base coat so it look more engrained rather then just a top layer. It gives quite a textured effect, although there wasn’t as much sparkle as I expected with this glitter nail paint.

I give it 3/5



This nail varnish was kindly sent to me for review.