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Get to know the benefits of natural cosmetics

get to know the benefits of natural cosmetics

Most of us love to look good and young, and one way to achieve that is with cosmetics. But, many creams, lotions and ointments contain chemicals that might not get along with your skin, causing allergies and irritations. If this ever happened to you, it’s high time you switched to natural and organic cosmetics. There are many benefits of using natural cosmetics products, and here are the five most important ones.

why natural cosmetics are great

No more irritation

Regular skin care products and makeup are full of artificial colors, chemicals and fillers that can often cause irritation, breakouts and redness. There are people who are allergic to chemicals found in those products and simply cannot use them. On the other hand, natural and organic makeup and skincare products work to improve your skin, not destroy it. They’re much gentler on the skin and will usually cause no irritation and breakouts. Some women wear
makeup 24/7 without thinking of the harmful effects on their skin.
That is why women should turn to products rich in natural minerals
which will nourish and protect your epidermis. There are number of brands
which offer mineral makeup designed to nourish sensitive skin and
Young Blood Cosmetics is a great example..

No strange side effects

Preservatives such as parabens are regularly used in mainstream cosmetic products to provide a longer shelf life. Parabens mimic our body’s natural hormones, so they may alter the function of our endocrine system. It’s true that parabens work well as preservatives, but their side effects are still being researched. Organic and natural skin care products and makeup use natural preservatives like grapefruit seed extract that don’t affect your body negatively. Like anything in life, some people can still have an allergic reaction, even to natural makeup. If the product contains natural ingredients such as lanolin that comes from wool, it can cause an adverse reaction. However, the effects of those natural ingredients are much better understood than those from synthetic ingredients and chemicals.

why are natural cosmetics good for you?

No excessive smell

Have you ever wondered why traditional beauty products have such a strong smell? Cosmetics companies use a lot of artificial fragrances to cover up the smell of other chemicals present in the product. So basically, they cover up the smell of chemicals with other chemicals. All those excessive smells can cause headaches, allergies, sinus issues and nausea. On the other hand, natural and organic products don’t contain artificial fragrances but only smell like their natural ingredients. Some natural skin care products can even be used for aromatherapy.

No damage to your skin over time

There is a long list of illnesses that can potentially come out of the constant use of these mainstream products such as irritation, migraine, breathing problems, hormone disruption and even cancer. Synthetics simply don’t have to be in skin care products, but they are cheap and easy to produce, so big companies continue to use them. They can be successful in fighting wrinkles, sun spots or blemishes, but they often cause skin asphyxiation, premature ageing, sun spots and blemishes. See the problem? The can often cause the problem we’re using it to deal with. To avoid falling into that vicious circle try switching to organic cosmetics such as Dr Hauschka skin care line that will make your skin look healthy and radiant, without any side-effects.

No harming of the environment

Traditional beauty products usually have a negative environmental impact. During the manufacturing process, many chemicals end up in the air and water. Same happens right at your home when you use them in the shower and remove your makeup. It all goes down the drain and back to nature. Organic and natural products, on the other hand, are farmed and produced organically, and much fewer chemicals are released into the air and water.

Well, now that you know the benefits of using natural beauty products, there’s no reason for you not to give them a try. Your skin, your health and your planet will be forever grateful.

Guest post by Amy Mia Goldsmith