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Get personalised gifts this Valentine’s day with Sabon

This Valentine’s day Sabon have released a super cute valentines day range ‘Love Beyond Words.

For the first time ever the Sabon Valentines day range will have a personal touch with gifts carrying messages like ‘Always in my Heart’, ‘Dreams do Come True’, ‘My One and Only and ‘Be My Valentine’.

Sabon has stayed true to its roots and included a number of key products in the range including its signature Body Scrub, Silky body milk and Lipgloss. Each product has a rich indulgent fragrance such as refreshing Apple and Lavender which is perfect for giving you the feel good feeling.

The Lowdown

Too Delightful is a set of three hand creams that are part of the Love Beyond Words range. They come in a small but cute box which has gold edging and a unique pattern on the side. Inside are three butter hand creams each uniquely scented with Delicate Jasmine, Lavender Apple and Patchouli Lavender Vanilla. They look very posh and a lot more expensive than they are. The hand creams are quite dainty and I simply love the patterns as they are all different and signatory of that scent.

The skin on my hands is suffering thanks to the contrast in temperatures and is calling out for some moisture. I probably should use hand cream more often but I’m quite lazy so I can go a while without rubbing cream in (whoops). The cream is very rich and took a little while to rub in but once it had absorbed my skin felt really smooth and there was no greasiness.

Delicate Jasmine is a very gentle subtle scent whilst Lavender Apple is very strong with a strong kick of lavender. Patchouli lavender has strong vanilla notes but I feel it is overpowered again by the lavender. My favourite would have to be Delicate Jasmine as I prefer the light airy scent.

This is a adorable set that would make the perfect gift for Valentine’s day. It has a premium look, makes your skin feel great and is budget friendly too.

I give it 4/5

You can buy the range here