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Get perfect natural looking brows with HD Brows V-Tec Brow Definer

hd brows v-tec brow pencil review

What the brand says
Transform your eyebrows with High Definition V-Tec Brow Definer. The pencil has been redesigned to give a precise, accurate finish. Formulated with a blend of waxes, V-Tec has a non oily formula that is designed to last.

The Lowdown
I’ve tried a fair few brow products over the last few years and whilst most have been okay, they’ve never looked completely natural.

hd brows v-tec brow pencil brown tipAt the recent Veet event I got to discover High Definition brow liner and I was left feeling very impressed. Unlike a lot of brow pencils or liners that give a very faint or gloopy finish High Definition gives the perfect result. The tip is slanted so it’s easier for you to follow the natural shape of your eyebrow and it has a really soft tip which allows you to slowly shade in your brow without it looking too full on.If you just want to focus on a certain area it also has a raised top edge which allows you to put more pressure on. When you start to run out you can simply wind the pencil up and more product appears.  I love this as my eyebrow pencils always break when I sharpen them. Once you’ve finished shading there’s a spooler attached on the other side of the pen so you can groom your brows. The product is quite long lasting until you get the area wet so it won’t last in the bath or if you wore it out swimming.

I’m so glad I discovered the High Definition Brow pencil. It gives my brows a full look that looks completely natural even up close.

I believe the V-Tec Brow Definer is a special edition product that will only be available in the Veet Christmas gift. There is however a virtually identical brow pencil – Browtec which is on sale at HD Brows for £16.00. It’s available in three shades Foxy, Bombshell and Vamp.

I give it 4/5

before and after hd brows v-tec brow pencil