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How to get the perfect eyebrow shape for your face shape

How to get the perfect eyebrow shape for your face shape

Just like you hair cut, your brows have the power to define and add shape to your face. To get perfect brows you need to consider your face shape – whether it is square, oval or round – and shape your eyebrows to suit these dimensions. The right shape can open up your eyes and make you look a lot younger. So how do you find the perfect eyebrow shape to suit you? I’ve got all the details down below.

Do you have a square face?

If you have a square face, your jaw is already quite angular so you want to avoid brows that are too square or rounded. Whilst you should avoid a rainbow shaped arc, a gentle arch at the end of your brow is the way to go.

If your face is round

For a round face a high arch is perfect to help define bone structure and add definition that may otherwise be missing. Try to avoid brows that have a gentle curl as this may make your face look rounder.

Do you have a long face?

If your face is long your features are vertically stretched so you want to create a shape that plays with your horizontal features. To do this make sure you extend the tail of your brow out further than the corner of your eye, this will give the illusion of a shorter face. Avoid going too far though or you may end up in the droopy category.

Do you have a heart shaped face?

Those with a heart shaped face should steer clear of bold, bushy brows. As the top half of your face dominates over a smaller jaw and chin, it’s important to keep your face balanced and aim for well manicured groomed brows.

Is your face oval?

Oval faces are generally very well proportioned and are seen as the ideal face type. A well balanced brow with a slight arch will work in framing your face and enhancing your looks.

Is your face diamond shaped?

Those with a diamond shape face often have quite angular cheekbones and jawline which a curved eyebrow will help to balance out. The curved brow will reduce the widest part of the face around the temples and soften it so it doesn’t look as sharp.

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