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Get glammed up for Christmas with Paul’s Hair World Hair Extensions

Glam your look up this Christmas with hair extensions, wigs and other accessories at Pauls Hair World.

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With the Christmas season approaching the invites start coming in thick and fast. Invites to the work Christmas party, new years eve with your friends or even a sneaky rendezvous with your boyfriend. The festive season is a lot of fun but finding the right hairstyle to suit your outfit can be a real headache. Paul’s Hair World has the answer – you’ll find everything you need from hair extensions to wigs.

When deciding on what way to wear your hair, the most tempting style are bouncing ringlets or curls. Often seen on the Red carpet, this hairstyle is both glamorous and suits almost everyone. Whilst many girls love the getting ready process, the
frustration of setting your hair in curls, or spending hours using GHDs to curl your hair is enough to make you drink all the vodka before you’ve even left the house. What’s more humidity and sweat can often make hair collapse making those curls you spent hours on fall out. Why not ditch the tongs and try using gorgeous curly hair extensions.

get hair extensions at pauls hair world

Whilst you may think extensions are only suitable for people with short hair they are actually a option for many hair types. Simply integrate it with your own hair and you’ll soon be sporting a mane of gorgeous flowing locks. What’s more your hair will stay in place all night long!

Perhaps you have short hair you want to make longer for the Christmas season or you just want to make your mid length
hair longer. Easy to use pre bonded hair extensions may be what you’re looking for. Each strand is a lot more individual
so you don’t have to glue in large chunks of hair. The tip is pre-bonded and the size of a shoelace ensuring people won’t notice your hair isn’t real. What’s more as you use a heat connector to bond the two together the join will be seamless with your real hair. Forget looking plain this Christmas buy a set of pre-bonded nail hair tip extensions and you can soon party the festive season away looking like the belle of the ball.

Pauls Hair World is the ultimate website for every beauty focused girl. With items from wigs, to nails and tanning lotion there isn’t a product you won’t find. Whether it’s for a party, anniversary or simply to make yourself feel better there’s a product for every need.