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Get festive with Models Own Diamond Luxe in Oval Plum and Seventeen Glitter nail tips

In preparation for my annual Christmas work do I thought I’d treat my nails to a glamorous festive treat.

Models Own Diamond Luxe in Oval Plum is a delightfully luxurious shade of sparkly purple. With a intense glitter infusion the shade is very festive and perfect for keeping on trend this winter. The varnish is very thick and you could probably get away with just the one layer, I went for two just to get full coverage on each nail. The colour is simply gorgeous and so sparkly, especially under the light.

Many of us spend hours in the salon trying to get the perfect nail design and it can often end up quite a costly affair. Seventeen Glitter tips gives you the option to add that bit of glamour at home at a fraction of the cost. The tips are encased in glitter and can be used to spice up what would otherwise be  plain nails.

The tips are quite fiddly especially if you have small nails, but I found only the little finger really needed trimming. There are 21 tips in the packet so you can probably get two uses out of the pack, however you will probably need to do a lot more trimming the second time around. The tips stick on pretty easily and only came unstuck when I was trying to trim a edge. I like how well the tips line up with the curvature of my nail and how they really set off the Models Own nail varnish in Oval Plum.

The next morning I found parts of the tips had broken off which is a bit disappointing and did ruin the look somewhat.

The perfect touch of glamour for a Christmas party that would be perfect if it wasn’t for the occasional breakage.

I give them 3/5