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Get cosy for winter with November’s Birchbox


The thought of winter denotes images of hot bowls of tomato soup, scarves, gloves and toasty nights in tucked up with a good DVD.

This month Birchbox have tried to envisage that cosy night in with November’s collection of pampering products.

So whether you want to paint your nails, detangle your hair or make yourself smell hot, Birchbox has it covered.

With two full size products worth £37.95 you’re getting your moneys worth and a little extra on top. The box is really diversified and provides both cosmetic, hair and bath products so you can try something new in each sector.

So without further ado here’s a quick snap shot into what’s in the box.

OPI Coca Cola Red Nail Polish
This iconic classic red is part of OPI’s Coca Cola collection. Perfect for a night out with your friends, whether Coca cola is on the menu or not!
You can buy this for £11.95 or get it full size in November’s box.

Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle
Do you find yourself yanking your hair brush through a matted mess of hair in the morning? This little wonder product may be for you. It helps to detangle hair and minimises frizz whilst safeguarding colour and adding shine.
Go full size for £14.00

English Laundry Signature For Her
This gorgeous scent was inspired by rosy floral top notes with hints of musk. With a few sprays of this thoughts of classic country gardens won’t be far away.
Go full size for £60.00

Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip Plumper
Whilst you may have tried many lip products that claim to give you that ‘bee sting’, Jane Iredale’s aims to give plumping that lasts with a formula of mint oils and ginger root extract. The mint helps to stimulate your lips whilst the ginger boosts circulation whilst moisturising your lips with Shea butter.
Go full size for £22.00

Dr. Jart V7 Relief Vita Drop
This moisturiser is literally packed with vitamins that help to brighten and moisturise your skin. The added antioxidants restore elasticity helping to reduce those pesky fine lines.
You can buy this for £26.00 or get it full size in November’s Birchbox

There are so many multi-vitamins on the market now you’re probably sick of the sight of them. Drinkwel is a multi-vitamin with a twist – it’s a veggie friendly capsule that is loaded with all the stuff you need after a heavy night out.
Go full size for £39.99.

With the contents unveiled I’d love to know what you think. I personally love the moisturiser and nail varnish and think they add great value to the box. The other items are quite small but they are significant enough to give you a quick taste of the products. Would you be impressed?