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Get control of your hair with Scunci new releases

scunci hair new releases

Fed up of smudging your lipstick as you try to apply your grips or struggling to create a plait? Scunci have released four new hair tools that will help you to gain control of your hair.

scunci no slip grips

Scunci No Slip Grips
Whenever I apply grips to my hair I always have to use my teeth as the ends are so close together they won’t slip easily onto my hair. The new grips from Scunci have been designed to simply slip onto your hair so the need to use your teeth has been eliminated. You simply slip and grip.
Grab them for £2.99 at Boots

scunci no slip grip headband

Scunci No Slip Grip headband
Headbands are great for keeping the hair out of your eyes but they can also be really uncomfortable. I often get to around 11am and feel that awful digging in the side of my head. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a metal headband (they’re the worst) or a simple plastic design that familiar niggle is always there. The new headband design by Scunci has been created to fit around any head shape, whether it’s oval, round or square.

wearing scunci headband

Unfortunately I have to say in my opinion it’s a complete fail. I don’t know if I have a incredibly small head but it just didn’t seem to mould at all, despite making it as small as possible.
Grab it for £2.99 at Boots

scunci no damage hair bands

Scunci No Damage hair bands
There’s nothing more painful then tying back your hair and feeling the twang of metal hitting your fingers as the band slips. They’re also as bad for your hair as they are your fingers. Metal hair bands are notorious for causing damage as they catch on random hairs causing dead ends or snagging and pulling them out altogether. Scunci’s new collection of no damage hair bands are a lot more colourful than traditional bands and come in a range of colours from red and yellow to black.

wearing scunci no damage hair bands

The hair bands are a lot thicker then normal and are really firm on hair so your ponytail certainly won’t sag.
Grab them for £2.59 at  Boots

scunci easy plait

Scunci Easy Plait
With celebrities and instagram fans sporting plaited hairstyles, braids have never been more popular. Whilst fish tail and french plaits look amazing they’re not the most simple hairstyle to do and you may be all fingers and thumbs. Scunci have released the Easy Plait which has a simple four space device to help you separate out your hair so you find it easier to create your favourite braid. In case you’re confused it comes with a how to on the back.
 Get it for £5.00 at Amazon