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George Strobing Kit Review


budget highlighters

What the brand says
Getting a gorgeous glow is made possible for even the smallest pockets with  George Strobing Kit highlight and glow.

The Lowdown
george strobing kit swatchHighlighters are ten ‘a’ penny nowadays but when you find one that really works it calls for a little squeal of delight. That’s what I was hoping for when I discovered the new George Strobing Kit. The kit is fairly basic as far as highlighting kits go and there’s no brush. There is however a blusher and a highlighter which is all you really need to get started and as I mentioned earlier it’s a budget friendly £4.00 so anyone from teenagers to granny (if they’re experimental!) can try it.

I did buy this a while ago but I believe it’s only available in the one shade. It has really funky modern packaging and I love the little face on the lid. The blush is a really light dusky pink and the highlighter a off white shade. Both the blusher and highlighter have a very matte finish. The one thing about the product that was a little off putting was the rather chemical smell.

When I first swatched this I was not too impressed. The blusher is so pale it’s barely visible, and the highlighter? Well if you saw that without knowing where it came from you wouldn’t think it was a highlighter. I’m hoping it will improve when applied to my face.

When I put this on I was actually incredibly surprised! Despite the flat pale look it had when swatched, when applied to the face the strobing kit seems to come alive, The blusher is a gorgeous rosy pink shade that really warms up my face and even the highlighter has a lovely warm sheen. There’s certainly true in the quote that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!

I give it 4/5

Get it for £4 at all good Asda stores.