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George Lash Xtend Mascara makes your lashes look false


Many people steer clear of budget brand makeup feeling they won’t perform as well as premium brands like Chanel or Dior. This attitude however will have you missing out on many gems that are on the market at under a fiver whose performance far out way more expensive brands.

George’s Lash Extend mascara is one of those gems. Priced at only £3.50 this mascara has a dramatic lash impact that you would expect to pay a lot of money for.

Made of plastic, the precision brush was very thin and long and after one layer my lashes were instantly lengthened almost to the same extent as some false lashes.My lashes felt defined and I didn’t experience any clumping.

The mascara is long lasting and still stood firm by the end of the day and the only downside I found was it wasn’t waterproof.

With a amazing lengthened effect from the first layer and fantastic price tag I cannot recommend this mascara enough. You may not be wearing falsies but this mascara will certainly have people thinking you are.

I give it 5/5



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