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George Creamy Cheek Tint in Tulip

There as so many blushers on the market its hard to find a blusher to suit you and your skin tone. There are two types of blusher available, cream and powder and generally each is designed for different reasons. A powder is great for adding real colour and shape to your cheeks but should be avoided by older generations as it tends to sink into wrinkles and fine lines. Cream blushers add a real dewey look that is suitable for all ages but tends not to have as much of a stronger colour.

The George creamy cheek tint range is quite cheap at around £1-2 (don’t quote me on that!) and offers around 3 to 4 colours to suit all. With this product you only need a very small nib size amount as it widens on application and you end up with more product then you thought. The cheek tint is quite messy to apply and often doesn’t end up where you want it to and I had to work hard to remove product from sinking into the edge of my cheek and hairline.

I think you need to apply it a few times before you can really see any effect as its such a light consistency and even after several applications the effect is a light creamy glow. The look is really natural and is more for daytime when you simply want a healthy look that will make you stand out amongst your friends.

As the product is quite light it probably isn’t going to last the whole day and will probably need to be reapplied somewhere down the line. However at the price it is and for the look it gives it really is worth buying for that healthy glow. I’d give it a rating of 3.5/5
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This product is available in all good Asda stores.