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Freedom Pro Blush & Highlight Palette in Bronze and Baked Review

freedom pro blush and highlighter palette bronzed and baked

What does Freedom say the Pro Blush palette can do?

Freedom Pro Blush Palette in Bronze and Baked is a collection of 8 highly pigmented gorgeous blusher and highlighter shades.

The palette is also available in Peach and Baked (check out the review here) and Pink and Baked.

freedom pro blush and highlight palette in bronze and baked review

The Lowdown

I picked up this palette a while back with the Peach and Baked palette. Unlike the Peach and Baked palette, Bronze and Baked is a lot more unconventional. It’s marketed as a blusher and highlight palette but in my honest opinion the majority of the shades are far too dark to be applied as blushers. I could definitely use the light pink shade (second left) as a blusher and potentially the pink swirl (third left) but even that is perhaps too pigmented to be an effective blusher. The shades look amazingly pigmented and I can tell just by looking at it the highlight will be really strong. You could even get away with wearing some of the shades as eyeshadow, especially the middle dark gold shade and the dark pink shade on the second right. It also has a full size mirror which is always useful when you’re out and about.

freedom pro blush and highlighter palette in bronze and baked swatches
The majority of the shades felt quite soft when swatching, apart from the top white shade which felt rough and chalky. Only two of the shades would be suitable to be used as a blusher (two and three) whilst four of the shades could be used effectively as a highlighter (four, six, seven, and eight).  Number five is quite dark and would work really well as a bronzer. The majority of the shades are all pretty pigmented apart from number one which was really disappointing. I love the finish of the highlighters, especially number seven which has a gorgeous shimmery finish.

I incorporated the palette into my daily routine using number two for blusher, number seven for highlight and number eight for highlighting under my brows. The blusher is very very light and took a lot of swipes to get much of the product to show up. It does however have a nice shimmery finish. I loved the highlighter (number seven) as it gives such a gorgeous shimmer with just one swipe. It’s hard to see in the photo but I can assure you it looks fabulous. Number eight adds a subtle gold shimmer that looks lovely when the light bounces off it.

Overall a nice palette that has a good range of pigmented shades. I would say Freedom have marketed it a bit deceptively though as it’s not really a blusher palette – it’s more of a highlighter/bronzer palette. The blushers aren’t that amazing and take a lot of work to get a noticeable result, although you do get a nice shimmer which is a bonus. For £6 it’s not a bad price at all and you get quite a lot for your money.

before and after freedom pro blush and highlight palette in bronzed and baked

I give it 3/5

Get it for £6 at Superdrug



freedom pro blush and highlight bronze and baked review