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The free trivia apps that want you to win money

The free quiz apps that want you to win money

Start winning money with the free trivia apps

If you’re always dreaming of what you’d do if you come into a bit of money you’re probably a fan of raffles and lotteries. Asides from the National Lottery there’s more lotteries and raffles nowadays then you can shake a stick at. Regardless of where you live you can enter the US Powerball, Irish Lottery, Health lottery and so many more. Whilst these lotteries and raffles give you the opportunity to potentially earn millions they all cost money and when you don’t have much then you hardly want to be wasting it on a chance of winning. So if I told you there are two new free trivia apps that give you the chance to win up to £1000 for free what would you say? You may think it sounds like a scam but it’s completely free, fun and if you can think on your feet a great way to earn some money. Here’s how you can get involved.

The free quiz apps that want you to win money cash show

Cash Show

Cash show is a quiz app that has several live quizzes a day. You can play for prizes up to £1000 and the prize money will be shared out amongst all lucky participants. There are 12 questions that start out easy and get a lot more difficult once you get to the money questions. Prizes start from question 5 onwards and if you get the question right you share the prize of £50. There are generally around 18k players so obviously that doesn’t add up to much. As the questions get harder the prizes go up and more people drop out. If you can stick it to the end you can earn a decent few quid . Money will be released once you hit £10.00 through PayPal. Cash Show has a show at 8.30pm every day including Saturday and Sunday. Quiz masters get ready!

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The free quiz apps that want you to win money hq


HQ is another quiz app that gives you the chance to win money for your brain power. Unlike Cash Show you will only win money if you get every question right. If no one gets all the questions right the money rolls over. You’ll also get eliminated if you get a question wrong (unless you have extra lives). The prize can be up to £1000 during the evening and if you win you won’t have to share. Games are 3pm and 9pm during the week, Saturday at 9pm and Sunday at 3pm. The prize money gets bigger at the weekend.

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On both apps the quizzes are live and you can join in the carmederie with the thousands of other plays in a very active chat. The quizzes are highly addictive and I’ve already won the jackpot on HQ and Cash Show. Whilst Cash Show will take longer to cash out I enjoyed the extra £14 I earned through winning with HQ (it all adds up!)

the free trivia apps that want you to win money