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The best free online lottery games and raffles

The best free online lottery games and raffles

Save your pennies and try your luck at the fabulous range of online lottery games and raffles giving hundreds of pounds away every day

Lotteries are a great way of giving us hope that one day we could escape the daily grind. Who would say no to a winning lottery ticket that could mean quitting your job, buying a huge house, luxury cars and being debt free for the rest of your life. The sad fact is the majority of us will spend a fortune in our lifetime and not win more then a few hundred pounds. Instead of spending real money, you could have the chance to win cash for free. I’ve compiled a list of the best free online lottery games and raffles.

Freemoji Lottery

Instead of picking numbers you select 5 emojis to enter each draw. They have a main draw where you can win a fairly large amount like $60 and 5 smaller draws where you can win $5.

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Emoji Lottery

Another lottery that used emojis to pick the winners. Each day a set of emojis will get picked as the winner. There is one main prize of around £60.00.

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Pick My Postcode

Similar to the Postcode Lottery which are always advertising on the tv but completely free. There are daily online lottery draws every day and prizes vary from the big money of £500.00 and £200.00 to smaller cash prizes of around £35.00. You’ll also get a penny for logging in each day which will get paid if you win one of the draws.

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Free Daily Raffle

Enter the raffle to win daily cash prizes of around £15.00. If your raffle number matches the winning number you’ll win the money. If no winning numbers gets picked the money rolls over to the next daily draw.

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The best free online lottery games and raffles money

Date of Birth Lotto

Every day Dob Lotto will pick one winner based on their date of birth. There is the daily online lottery draw to win £50.00 and several points draws where you can use the points you’ve earned to be entered into further draws. In the points draws you could win:

Obviously the more points each raffle costs the less entrants.

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Happy Birthdates

Similar to doblotto but in my opinion a little harder to win. Your initials and date of birth need to be picked in order for you to win, i.e jk030688. If they don’t come out in that order you don’t win. There are however 10 chances to win per day and you can win up to £500.00.

If you refer friends and family you can also benefit from their initials and date of birth too if they get picked (active members only).

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Free National Lotto

The Free National Lotto offers daily draws and has a current prize pot of £1,930.00. Every day there is a guaranteed winner in the daily online lottery draw and monies are paid through PayPal. To get started simply pick 5 numbers between 1 and 40.

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the best free online lotteries and raffles