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Frankenhorror Nail Art Tutorial


Get creative this Halloween with this fun spooky nail tutorial. The look is pretty simple and you don’t need too much to create it. You will need:


halloween nail inspiration

Frankenhorror Nail Tutorial How to

1. Firstly paint your nails with the lime green nail varnish.

2. Get your black nail varnish or black nail art pen and draw a small amount of hair on your feature nail. For this look you will only be creating one ‘Frankenstein’ on each hand.

3. Draw two spots for eyes

4. Draw in two small eyebrows just above the eyes

5. Draw a slight slanted line for the mouth

6. Finally draw slight upward lines to look like stitches on Frankenstein’s mouth.

frankenstein halloween nail tutorialCobwebs how to

1. On the rest of your nails you are going to be creating cobwebs. My webs went slightly skeewiff which is why the first picture looks a little odd. Firstly draw two wavy lines on your nails with equal space between them.

2. Once you’ve drawn your wavy lines pull two lines upwards so it looks like a wavy noughts and crosses grid.

cobwebs nail tutorial

I hope you have fun creating Frankenhorror. I’d love to see your versions so do tag me on Facebook or Twitter!