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Four fantastic tips for great hair

four tips for great hair

Our hair is our crowning glory so if we’re having a bad hair day it can feel like the end of the world. Essentially your hair is what completes your look and if it won’t behave it will leave you feeling miserable and thinking about it all day. Having great hair is easier than you think, here’s 4 fabulous tips to get great hair.

Colour appeal
If your hair is starting to grey or your hair has faded from a previous dye that has grown out it can leave you looking washed out or older then you are. The best way to get the right colour for you is to look at your skin tones and see what is the best match. If you’re not sure you can go to a salon and they’ll be able to help. You don’t have to spend loads in the hairdressers either, once you have your colour sorted you can dye it at home. Try to go for a ombre look or highlights to start as they’re not so extreme and are easier to start with then a full block of colour.

Your hair needs to be cared for too!
Just like your skin, your hair loves receiving nourishing treatments to keep it healthy and strong. If you don’t look after it your hair will start to get dry with split ends and may become very fragile leading to breakage. The best treatments will also leave hair looking really glossy and healthy. Opt for a intensive moisturising treatment once a week for the best results. I recommend Malin & Goetz intensive hair conditioner *(RRP £20).

Shape it baby
One of the best tips for good hair is to get a haircut that suits your face shape. Whether it’s to get your haircut in the latest trend or even just a few inches off, it will get rid of any dead hair and give your hair a whole new lease of life. You’ll also get a lovely pampering hair wash with head massage which I’m sure will go down a treat too!

Only apply product where you need to
I’m as guilty of this one as anyone else. When you pop into the bath or shower to wash your hair your go to move is to probably plop a large dollop of product in and massage all your hair into one big lather. Oils are produced on the scalp so it’s really unnecessary to apply products to the ends of the hair as it could damage the hair properties. When you rinse your hair out the lather will of course coat the lengths of your hair so it will all get washed without direct product contact.

These tips will help you to add a bit of extra tender loving care to your tresses so you can swish your hair with pride. If you have any tips that work for you do let me know!

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