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Forget kale, here’s 5 superfoods you’re probably already eating

5 superfoods you're probably already eating

Everyday it seems like there’s a new superfood that you need to enrich your diet with. Whether it’s kale, chia seeds or bee pollen the new superfoods are as diverse as they come. Whilst health companies and food gurus will always be coming out with new food fads, it’s worth considering the true nutritional value before you splash your cash. A study found out of the 47 foods with the highest nutrients, the most powerful were fruit and vegetables that we’re already eating. Here’s 5 superfoods that are probably already in your diet, and they don’t cost a weeks wages to stock up on either.

red pepper superfood

Red peppers
Red peppers are high in Vitamin C and just one serving will triple what you need daily.  Vitamin C is vital for healthy skin.
Cost: 70p for one loose pepper

tomatoe superfood

Tomatoes are one of my favourite fruits, they taste amazing and they’re full of the antioxidant lycopene that is known for fighting cancer. Who wouldn’t want these over chia seeds?!
Cost: 15p for one loose tomato

beetroot superfood

Raw beetroot
Beetroots are great as they’re packed full of nutrients, the beet is rich in beta-carotene whilst the leaves are full of Vitamin K. Beetroots help to build your immunity and iron levels whilst the leaves can help in healing wounds and lowering high blood pressure. It’s best eaten fresh with roots in  a salad or juiced.
Cost: £1.65 for 100g

pumpkin superfood

They’re not just for Halloween you know, pumpkins are amazing for providing you with your daily fibre intake. Each serving has almost 3g of fibre which is more then you can get in a cup of kale. You’ll also find it will double the Vitamin A you need on a daily basis. Don’t like it raw? Why not roast it and serve with a little bit of olive oil and salt and pepper.
Cost: £1 for 1kg pumpkin

broccoli superfood

These little tree shaped wonders are perfect if you’re planning on starting a family. A cooked cup of broccoli contains almost half the folate you need to protect your fertility, in addition to this it has 4g of protein. Make sure you steam it as boiling can lose vital nutrients.
Cost: 65p for one head