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Six foods that help you stay awake and focused at work

Feel yourself nodding off at work? Avoid that sleepy feeling by reading all about the six foods that help you stay awake

Six foods that help you stay awake and focused at work

We all know the feeling, you’re at work, it’s almost the end of the day and you find yourself starting to drop off. By incorporating 6 everyday food items into your diet you’ll find you’re more productive and your mind stays focused on your work. Learn about the best foods that help you stay awake.

When life gives you lemons…

Lemon has citric acid which helps to stimulate the production of digestive enzymes. Use it to spice up plain water by squeezing in a few drops or squeeze it on to salads. Lemon really helps to bring out the flavour in food and make that salad taste a little more exciting. It’s probably one of the best foods to help you stay awake at work.

Minestrone keeps you going for hours

Minestrone soup is fantastic for a afternoon energy boost. If you make it from scratch you can incorporate kidney beans which are a great source of Thiamin and Riboflavin. These vitamins are essential to help your body use energy more effectively.

Crunch your way to a clear mood

When we’re at work we often crave snack food like crisps in order to relieve pent up emotions. It’s thought that the jaw movement involved reduces our stress and anger to a normal level. Instead of snacking on crisps why not try crudites, a selection of mixed raw vegetables like carrots or cherry tomatoes. You’ll be enriching your diet with Vitamin rich food and relieving your stress levels at the same time – win win!

Swap sweets for yoghurt

One of the major cravings when you’re at work is for something sweet to perk you up when you start to flag. Instead of reaching for a digestive or Mr Kipling’s Victoria Slice why not opt for a yoghurt. You can mix it with cucumber to make a healthy Tzatziki dip for your crudites or eat it with a handful of blueberries for a extra sweet kick. Aim for any organic plain Greek yoghurt or Yeo Valley Organic Greek yoghurt. Steer clear of reduced fat or flavoured yoghurts as often when fat is removed it is substituted with something that helps to retain the flavour of fat such as sugar. You can recreate taste naturally with fresh fruit or honey.

six foods that help you stay awake and focused at work

Oranges have a calming effect

Many jobs are hectic and often have constant deadlines that can leave you frazzled. Orange contains a molecule called hesperidin that can help to lower your blood pressure. Whilst the molecule is found in orange juice you’ll probably find it’s better to eat a whole orange as you’ll get fibre and hesperidin.

Keep the momentum going with oatcakes

To avoid a last minute crash keep yourself going with oatcakes. They’re one of the healthiest crackers available and give you soluble fibre which has been shown to reduce blood cholesterol. It also has low GI which helps to keep your blood sugar level steady and is slowly digested to help you keep fuller for longer. To spice it up a little top your oatcakes with peanut butter, it’s full of protein and unsaturated fat.

Want to know what other foods you can eat to stay healthy? Well you can still enjoy all your comfort foods – just the healthier versions!

If these foods help you stay awake at work don’t forget to let me know in the comments below. My ultimate aim at Glitz and Glamour Makeup is to make sure you all look and feel fabulous!

6 foods that help you stay awake at work