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Florida is the ultimate fun holiday destination

Florida is a state well known for  its sunny climate, fresh oranges and most importantly its many theme park attractions.

With six theme parks in one place Disney World Florida is bound to keep you busy for weeks let alone days, so you better not have too much else planned! Magic Kingdom consist of classic attractions, beloved Disney characters, spectacular parades and fireworks in a place where dreams really do come true.

Why not experience the technology of the future at Epcot, a technologists paradise – surround yourself with technological innovation and culture and taste the cuisine of 11 different cultures. Blizzard Beach Water park is perfect for the dare seeker in you with the world’s tallest and fastest waterslides. Dare you take the plunge on Summit Plummet, one of the fast free falling slides. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is more family friendly where you can chill out on the pint sized raft rides or snorkel shark reef with REAL sharks!

If waters not your scene there’s always a touch of Hollywood Glamour at the Disney Hollywood Studios. Get behind the scenes and see what went into making your favourite Disney film. You can even become the star in their American Idol experience.

With Disney World producing some of the biggest and most exciting parks you know they wouldn’t leave anything out. Experience the Animal Kingdom park which is the world largest animal themed park. Go on a Wild Africa trek and really experience the 1,700 animals the park has to offer!

Another unmissable attractions is Universal Studios Florida. Experience the movies and jump right into the middle of your favourite films. Visit Et in ET Adventure, see how scary Terminator is in Terminator 2 3D, see what Shrek looks in 4D, get scared with Revenge of the Mummy and so much more!

If Universal Studios is too tame for you you can always get thrown around at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. The jam packed park is inspired by the cartoon heroes of the movies and you can find yourself flying in the Harry Potter Kingdom, getting propelled on the The Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster, mixing with spiderman in The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man and so many more rides and things to see and do.


If you love the sea and the many mystical characters that live within the waters do not miss Seaworld Orlando. This amazing water haven has a immense numbers of rides and chances to interact with dolphins, penguins, whales, sea lions and so much more. The adventure never stops! You can even immerse yourself in the Manta roller coaster a head first ride that sees you riding the waves like a giant Stingray

It’s true that if you want adventure Florida has it all and more to offer you. If the golden beaches and lovely climate wasn’t enough to tempt you the attractions certainly will!

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