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Five top tips to keep your hair looking healthy

We all dream of having salon worthy hair that’s bouncy and full of shine. To get your hair to the best it can be there’s 5 simple commandments you can follow.

Look after your hair

Scalp care

One of the most important factors in keeping your hair healthy is to invest time into taking care of your scalp. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair and can help to encourage healthy hair growth. Use a stimulating or exfoliating scalp mask for the best results 

Nutrition for healthy hair

Nutrition is essential for keep both your body and your hair healthy and strong. Ideally you should try to eat as much of your 5 day fruit and vegetables as you can  for natural nutrition but that isn’t always possible. Supplements such as Vitabiotics Perfectil Tablets Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails, 30 Tablets often contain the nutrients your hair craves to grow long without excess breakage.

Pre shampoo treatment

A pre-shampoo deep conditioner will give your hair a rush of moisture that will help to add bounce, shine and elasticity to the hair. Try to use the pre-shampoo once a week for the best results.


Five top tips to keep your hair looking healthy

Hair thickening treatment

You can encourage your hair to become thicker with Trichotherapy. Trichotherapy is a 3 step regime that stimulates the scalp and encourages hair growth, encouraging volume by plumping the hair.

Protect your tresses

Everything can have an effect on your hair, from the weather to central heating. Give your hair the strength it needs to fight extreme conditions by using products that can provide moisture, detangle and protect from heat products.