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10 top tips to make your first dates amazing

10 top tips to have great first dates

First dates can be incredibly nerve wracking and you may worry about what to wear or what to say.  Whilst first dates are unpredictable and you can’t guarantee the chemistry will be there with a few simple steps you can maximise your chances of setting off on the right foot and clicking with your new date. Make sure your heart thumps and the butterflies flutter with  my ten top tips for guaranteeing great first dates.

Turn up on time

When you’re on a first date it’s important to make a good first impression. Make sure that you leave enough time to get to your meeting place taking into account any traffic. There’s nothing worse than worrying that they’re not going to show up!

Wear the right clothes

When you go on your date you’ll want to wear clothes that make you look good and show your true personality. Don’t wear a dress if you don’t like them or five inch heels if you end up tottering into a ditch. Comfort is important and will make sure you act yourself around your new date. Maybe you could treat yourself to a new lipstick to boost your confidence.

Trust your gut

Whilst many people you meet are genuine and are who they say they are, there are inevitably a few bad apples. When you’re arranging a first date make sure you meet in a public place and let friends or family know where you’re going. Let your friends know you’re okay when you get there and avoid walking off into any unlit alleys if you’re not too sure if they’re completely trustworthy.

10 top tips to have great first dates meet up quickly

Don’t hang around for your first date

Whether you’ve met online or through a friend it’s important to arrange a proper date as soon as you can. If you continue chatting for too long you may build up an image of them that is a fantasy. If your chat is engaging through text or on the phone chances are it’ll be just as good in person.

Chats make great first dates

When you first meet someone it’s important to meet somewhere where you can chat and find out about each other. Avoid the cinema or anything where chatting isn’t really possible as you won’t be able to find out enough about them to see if you want to meet again.

Make sure you stay true to yourself

When you go on a date it may be tempting to change your personality so your date is more likely to want to see you again. Whether it’s faking laughing at his jokes or feigning interest in a topic you find more dull than dishwater, pretending to be something you’re not will not work long term. Be true to yourself and your personality and you’ll find the right person for you.

Don’t stray to inappropriate conversation topics

When you’re on a date some of the most inappropriate things you could talk about includes your exes, other dates you might have planned and bragging about how great you are (who loves a big head!) There are many things you can strike up a conversation about that don’t touch on date taboo.

10 top tips to have a great first date keep the conversation going

Don’t forget to keep the conversation going!

If you’ve just had an amazing first date and then you don’t hear from your date for days it can be a little deflating. Avoid any confusion as to whether the spark is there by sending a friendly message after the date to let them know you had fun. If they’re no longer interested at least you’ll know and won’t waste anymore time!

It’s a modern world

Whilst in the olden days men typically paid for dates, dating etiquette has changed massively over the last few decades. With most women working it’s easy for both parties to make a contribution and go halves on the bill. Avoid any rows on your first date by offering to go halves and if your date is the traditional type enjoy the treat!

Feeling the attraction? Keep the party going

If you think your date has gone well why not arrange another while you’re out. You can decide on something you’ll both like and there’ll be no will they won’t they thoughts as you head home.

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