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Find your latest beauty treatment in a flash with Booking Beautique

find your latest beauty treatment in a flash with booking beautique

Have you ever visited or moved to a new city and realized you are literally clueless as to where anything is? Even if you’ve been living somewhere for a while, if you’ve never taken that back street or alley you may never discover the gem that is waiting down there. So when you’re desperate for a haircut or you want a new tattoo, sometimes it’s really useful to have a guide on hand that will direct you to a salon or parlor near you. If you’re looking for the solution to your beauty woes, Booking Beautique may have the answer. Booking Beautique provides you with a service to find the nearest spa beauty salon, hair, manicure or tattoo salon.

To use Booking Beautique you simply pop in your postcode, the category you want (whether it’s hair, tattoo, wax etc) and then you find your salon. The site features countries all over the UK including top cities such as London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and more.

booking beautique local tattoo parlours

I live in Kent in a large town, but it’s not exactly a city so I wasn’t sure what sort of results I would get. I found that for every search I did (beauty and spa, hair, massage, nails, tanning and tattoo) I found results for local salons. The only search I didn’t find anything for was waxing which I find a little surprising as I’m pretty sure there are some not too far away. You can change your search depending on what you’re looking for; you can expand it from 3 miles to 10 miles, the best reviewed salons and the lowest or highest prices.

At the moment Booking Beautique is a fantastic directory of beauty salons but it will soon become a fully interactive booking system. Soon instead of calling ahead of your appointment you will be able to book it directly through the website.

So instead of trawling the high street for your latest treatment why not try Booking Beautique today?