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Find out more about the jewellery range that uses the power of magnets to help migraines and arthritis

magnetix jewellery range

What the brand says
It’s not often that you can find jewellery that combines design and style with a unique ability to treat daily ailments such as migraines or sport injuries.

The Magnetix jewellery brand has been designed to use the powerful and positive effects of magnets to help with conditions such as arthritis, menstrual pain, migraines, sport injuries and more.

Magnetix was founded by Dr. H. C. Petra Doring who was the first to discover the groundbreaking effects of magnetic jewellery. After first discovering the benefits of magnets by using them on herself, she combined the element with unique and elegant jewellery.

The Lowdown
The necklace is so me – I’m a real magpie and love sparkly diamanté jewellery. Set on a gold chain the necklace has a large (I’d say at least a carat) diamanté crystal that’s so sparkly it reminds me of a diamond. As the necklace is so unassuming you could wear it with literally everything from a white t shirt to a glamorous red dress.

Often it can be a pain popping pills every time I have a ache or pain, so it’s exciting  to find a jewellery range that could potentially help this without over the counter medication. I love the whole concept of the jewellery and think it’s great that something so pretty could help your ailments. I’ve only worn the necklace once so far so I can’t say how effective it is in that respect- however to be fair I only get the odd headache or body ache.

magnetix jewellery diamante necklace

The Magnetix range is so large and diverse you’re bound to find something you like. Unlike other medical aid jewellery they’ve put the design at the forefront which is great.

A fantastic range of jewellery with so many pretty collections I wanted to try them all. If you’re fed up of taking numerous pills or creams every day to cure your aches and pains Magnetix jewellery is definitely worth giving a go. Even if you don’t have any issues you need help with the range is a must have for adding a bit of glam to your look.

Find the necklace and more at Magnetix

wearing magnetix jewellery diamante necklace