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Find out how to improve problem skin

Do you wish there was a quick way of improving the state of your skin? Read on to discover several skin strategies that really deliver.

Keep skin clear
You’re probably already aware that the foolproof way of keeping skin clear is to regularly use a face cleanser (soap free foam wash for oily skin or a milky or balm cleanser for dry skin) twice a day. In addition to cleansing, a fruit acid or enzyme mask can be used up to three times a week to improve the texture of your skin. The products will start to show benefits from two weeks and their use can increase the effectiveness of creams and serums.

Keep it hydrated
If you’re one of the 25% of women who don’t use a moisturiser you could be depriving your skin of vital moisture. Moisturisers are vital as skin needs a certain water content in order to function correctly and not dry out. The best moisturisers hydrate but don’t block pores and with regular use will encourage fresher skin in days. If you have oily skin try to avoid rich creams with mineral oil and shea butter. Alternatively if your skin is on the dry side massage in face oil every night and top with night cream for the ultimate glow.

Treat any problems
If you get a nasty spot it may seem like the end of the world, especially before a big event but with the right steps it’s very easy to treat. Salicylic acid deep cleanses and exfoliates skin whilst calming any inflammation. Many cleansers have salicylic acid which will reduce oiliness in four weeks. Another favourite is retinol products that start refining texture and treating blemishes within three weeks.