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7 simple ways to give yourself a hot new look in 2018

7 simple ways to give yourself a new look in 2018

We all have welcomed another brand new year with new energy, new enthusiasm and lots of hope. The first month of every new year is the time for many people to revamp one or many areas of their life. For some, it would be opting for a healthy lifestyle while for others it would be a new revived look for 2018.

Studies say that how you look and how you feel about your looks reflect your personality as well. Have you noticed that we feel more confident in some of the outfits and a little underwhelmed in outfits you’re not such a fan of? A bad hair day can ruin your entire day.

So, if you had a somewhat disappointing 2017 and want to change things around, the best way to start is by giving yourself a hot new look. It could be something as small as buying a new moisturiser for your skin or something significant such as a wardrobe realignment or a funky haircut.

Whatever it may be, I am sure the impact would be pleasantly surprising. So try one of the below methods to give yourself a new look and welcome the new year with a revamped optimism and a positive attitude.

1. Examine your closet

When we open our closet every morning, we always end up with this sinking feeling that there’s not enough clothes to wear. However on reflection that’s simply not true.

There is probably lots of outfits that you haven’t touched for months that would fit comfortably and offer a new look. Try to leverage your existing closet to the full potential. It won’t cost you a penny and you might fall in love with some old outfits.

2. Learn how to do makeup

One of the easiest ways to give yourself a new look this year is by learning how to do your makeup. Each one of us has different personalities, facial features, and skin texture. The most suited method for your face and skin will produce the best results.

So do some research, consult with a stylist or watch some videos to know what suits you the best and implement those changes. You will be surprised when you see the results!

7 simple ways to give yourself a new look in 2018 go for the chop

3. Chop it off!

A hairstyle can say a lot about someone’s personality and can have a massive influence on how you look and feel. This year, find a good hair stylist and ask for a haircut that highlights your facial features and personality in the best way.

Hair coloring is another way to add variation to your new look. Research has proven that a attractive hairstyle is a huge confidence booster for both men and women. After all, those ‘bad hair days’ and lack of confidence is not just in your head. So go for that big hair makeover you have always wanted.

4. Get hair extensions

If you are someone who has short hair but want to experience long locks for few days why not try hair extensions. There are different type of extensions available and some will look more natural than others.

Depending on the type and how you take care of it some hair extensions last longer then others. For example, protein-bonded extension lasts up to eight weeks while glue-ins last for four to six weeks. So depending on what you want, choose it and see the change it brings to your appearance.

5. Eyelash extensions

Lash extensions are becoming a daily favorite as they give the appearance of long natural lashes. It is worth giving a try if you are already a faux-lash fanatic. There are mainly three types of lash extensions – synthetic, mink and silk. The lashes are usually sized between 6mm to 17mm. Once you pick the right size, it is applied one by one using a customized glue. It needs to be redone once in every eight weeks. Read everything about eyelash extensions here.

7 simple ways to give yourself a new look in 2018 wear perfume

6. Try a new perfume

An individual is perceived by others by the way they smell. Even a single splash can boost your self-confidence and energy. Trying a fresh fragrance can alter your attitude and provide a new outlook on life. Some scents are pleasant and calm whilst others are intense and aggressive.

Trying a different type of perfume can give you a new perspective in how you feel mentally and how others see you. If becoming a more calm and relaxed person is one of your goals this year, then try a perfume that ignites that emotion. You will be surprised when you see the results.

7. Microblading

Microblading is a concept of semi-permanent eyebrows, a form of tattoos that are drawn on and last a longer longer then a brow pencil. If you have always struggled with plain and flat eyebrows and spend a fortune on eyebrow products, this is something you can try.

With costs up to $150, it is a little on the pricier side. But considering the time and money spent on other products, this is well-worth the money. Though the pigment is bound to fade over time, if properly maintained it can last anywhere between 6 to 18 months. A touch-up can be done every two years to keep the color crisp.


New year or not, your body and mind need constant nourishing. There are different ways to nourish your body – through daily skincare routines, healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise and productive lifestyle changes.

The mind can be nourished through yoga, meditation and keeping a positive attitude. Giving yourself a new look surprisingly achieves both the physical and mental nourishment. You look good when you do something new that you like and when you look good you feel good and happy. So what are you waiting for?

Guest post by Meighan Sembrano

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