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Farm holidays or sunning it up abroad – is it a no contest?

When it comes to our annual holiday we all want something where we can put our feet up, sit back and relax. So our first choice is where do we go? For many its the lures of foreign shores that means going abroad is the first choice for the holiday but is a holiday in the UK just as good?

Holidays abroad have a lot of advantages – guaranteed sun for one, and a chance to really get away from it all but they have a few drawbacks too.

Holidays in the UK can offer a number of different experiences depending on what you’re doing, where you’re going and who with. Holidaying on farms is a new experience that offers all the fun of the farm, fresh air and a chance to really experience the countryside.

By staying on a working farm you get the chance to stay in converted farm buildings with real character and original features, get a warm welcome from the host who is only too happy for you to stay and you and your friends/family can get a real feel of 21st century farming,

You and your family can feed the animals, watch the cows getting milked, collecting eggs for breakfast, taking a tour in a landrover across the farm and talking to the farmer about what farm life is like.

Whilst you probably won’t get the sun you might desire by holidaying in the UK it can offer a completely different experience that should be tried at least once. You can experience the joys of being on a farm, immersed in fresh country air and eating real fresh produce that has just been produced. You can also visit local attractions and the sun exposure to your children will be far less too.

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