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Eyeliner masterclass!

Applying eyeliner can sometimes be like venturing into the Amazon – if you don’t know what you’re supposed to do you might get bitten, or end up with eyeliner everywhere!

In this masterclass you will learn three techniques in which you can apply your eyeliner to suit your mood or the situation i.e. going to work or getting glam for a party. For a steady line you will need a handheld mirror and a steady hand. If you’re worried you’ll smudge your liner rest your arm on a steady surface like a table.

Technique 1 – A simple but effective line
This technique is best for going about your day to day business, going to work, looking after the kids etc. To apply it get your eyeliner and slowly go from one corner of your lashes to the next and stop at the last lash. You will end up with a look that will make your eyes stand out more that is not too dramatic.

Technique 2 – The line with a flick 
The second look is perfect if you’ve got a important meeting where you really want to impress or a hot date. It’s very much like technique no1 but with this flick you can add more of a accent to your eyes. I’ve made my flick quite small but you can make it as long as you wish! Start off by moving the liner from the inner corner of your lashes to the outer corner but then slowly draw upwards to create what is almost like a rotated tick.

Technique 3 – Cats eyes
There is nothing more glamorous then having a real block effect to your liner. It gives a real cats eye effect to your eyes and in my opinion makes them stand out. Instead of applying liner like you would in the two steps above go straight to the corner of your eye and create a outer arrow effect with block liner on both top and bottom lash corners and a exaggerated flick at the end. If you can’t understand what I mean the picture will explain all. For extra emphasism make the lines quite thick.

If you haven’t already got any eyeliner I would suggest the product I use Colorsport 24 Hour eyeliner. It’s perfect as its designed to last all day and rarely smudges so its perfect in case you feel teary or wipe your eyes a lot. Colorsport also manufacture 24 hour mascara and eyebrow dye solutions. You can find the product for £5.99 at the Retail Supermarket