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Eye of Horus launch a new range of eyeshadow palettes just in time for Autumn/Winter season 2015

The Hype
Eye of Horus has launched their new eyeshadow range just in time for the Autumn/Winter season. The new Baked Goddess eyeshadow palettes are a welcome addition to their collection of award winning products. In the new range you’ll find warm bronze hues and ice cold shades in the new palettes which include Sheba Mystical Goddess Eyeshadow, Maat Dark Temptress and Isis Sun Goddess. They’re designed to be super blendable and can be used both wet or dry depending on the look you’re trying to create.

The Lowdown
I’ve tried quite a few Eye of Horus products in the past but not for quite a while. For the purpose of the review I’m testing Isis Goddess Luminous palette. Out of the new shades I have to say this was the one with the most enticing colours. I tend to look a bit washed out with lighter colours so I felt it was better to opt for the warmer hues.

The palette is very compact and comes with three blocks of eyeshadow. I adore the design on this packaging, the egyptian style is so unique and really makes it stand out. It comes with a mirror and a brush and is so small it can easily be slipped into your bag for application on the go. On first glance all three shades are very pigmented.

I applied the eyeshadow dry on the left eye and wet on the right eye. When applied dry it was very pigmented and had a gorgeous gold sheen. When applied wet I felt it had more of a metallic appearance but retained its fantastic pigmentation.

The shades are absolutely gorgeous and really made my eyes stand out. Whilst the palettes are a little bit pricey they’d be great for a bit of a treat.

The palettes are available for £22.50 at Beauty Bay