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Eye of Horus Egyptian based makeup hit the UK: Eye of Horus Liquid Definer eyeliner review


Eye of Horus, an Australian based eye care makeup brand creates products based on Ancient Egyptian formulas and ingredients.

The brand began with humble roots after several girls tired of suffering from sensitive eyes researched how the Ancient Egyptians used natural waxes and oils in their iconic eye makeup.

Representing regeneration, health and protection the Ancient Egyptian symbol of the Eye of Horus ensures healing, wisdom and propensity to the bearer. Included within the formula of the Eye of Horus brand include natural ingredients like Beeswax, Ricebran Wax, Jojoba Wax and more.

The products avoid nasty chemicals so they’re great for sensitive eyes and are long lasting and non irritating.

For the purpose of this review I’m going to be testing Eye of Horus Liquid Definer eyeliner. The product comes in gorgeous packaging with a designer like black box with gold lettering. The eyeliner comes in a felt tip style pen and has a really precise nib so it’s difficult for even a beginner to smudge the lines.

As with most pen eyeliners the ink doesn’t ‘flow’ that easily but it does form a nice precise line. As the nib is so small it’s easy to get into the really small corners like by the tear duct. The eyeliner has a really stylish feel to it and I love how the makeup isn’t tested on animal and is paraben free.

For its ease of use and chemical free formula I’ll give it 4/5

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