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Exclusive interview with makeup artist to the stars Olivia Newman Young

Do you aspire to be a makeup artist, getting stars ready for their big moment on the red carpet? If you’re stuck for inspiration and wondering if you’ll ever get there, Olivia Newman Young, makeup artists to the stars, gives her top tips.

“I have always been around make-up. When I was very young my oldest
sister use to use me to try out makeup looks on for the weekend out. She
use to do one side one colour and then a different style on the other
side and see which one she likes best. I have always been obsessed with
photos in magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and recreating the
looks. I use to just do it for myself on the weekends, but now I am
lucky enough to have beautiful models to express my ideas on.”

“I was part of Thomas de Kluyvers team for a Vogue Italia shoot shot by
Ellen Von Unwerth where we had around 20 models/talent in to do make-up
on. Amongst those were Jourdan Dunn, Rita Ora and Suki Waterhouse.”

“In this industry it is competitive and tough to get a break. There are a
lot of people who don’t succeed in it because they just give up. My
advice would be to find a side job assisting a top make-up rtist and
don’t give up!”

“I initially assisted some of D+V agency’s top make-up artists for a couple of years. Now I am freelance.”

“For myself I like a plum stained lip, blusher on cheeks and a golden
greasy eye. Very Rosie Huntington Whiteley. I love her make up.”

“I did Millie Mackingtosh’s Makeup for the BAFTAS just the other week. We
filmed two BAFTA looks for my YouTube channel so people can see how we
did it and what we used.”

“Maybelline Volume Colossal Express mascara.”

“I don’t really have one fave. Different brand excel in different areas. I
do love shopping in Space N K though. They have lots of lovely brands.”

“Angelina Jolie, hands down, she is soo beautiful, her bone structure is to die for.”

“My best tricks are all on my Youtube channel for everyone to see .”

“Make up is to enhance someone’s beauty, not to cover it up or change it.”

Do you like Olivia’s work? Has her advice helped you in forging a career as a makeup artist?