Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Gel Eyeliner with pen in Ocean Teal

I love eyeliner as it can really bring out your eyes with a strong colour. So whilst i’m normally a fan of the Khol eyeliners when reviewing Elizabeth Arden’s Color Intrigue Gel eyeliner in Ocean Teal I went for a more laid back look.

The eyeliner comes in really pretty summery packaging which is a Elizabeth Arden standard, and contrary to what I was expecting it had what looked like a little eyeshadow pot and a small brush included. As I’m used to applying eyeliner in a pen I wasn’t sure if I’d find the brush technique easy or fiddly. I found the process of eyeliner to brush was almost like putting paint on a tiny paintbrush. It wasn’t at all difficult to apply and went on really smoothly with a good amount of colour.

The advantage of the brush being so thin is that it’s also really easy to apply to your bottom lashes. I’ve found previously that with thicker brushes the gel or eyeshadow just seems to go everywhere that you don’t want it to!

The colour is a really light mint green and once applied it almost looks like little sparkly gems.

I have to say I’m really quite impressed with this product, i’ll give it 5/5


  • The gel pot and brush make it so much easier to apply accurately onto your eye area
  • The gel didn’t smudge and adhered to my eye area instantly
  • Gorgeous mint green colour
  • Comes in lovely packaging


  • None that I can think of!

This product was kindly donated by Direct Cosmetics