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Dove Compressed Invisible Dry aerosol review

compressed invisible dry
Dove recently launched their new range of eco friendly Compressed Invisible Dry deodorants.

Around half the size of the traditional aerosol these mini cans have the same amount of content just with less packaging. It’s perfect to know you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by making such a small change.

Dove Invisible Dry has a pleasant fresh smell that lasts most of the day. When sprayed the deodorant dries almost immediately so there’s no nasty white marks to stain your clothing.

The only thing I would disagree with is Doves claim of 48h protection. Whilst you are left feeling fresh for at least 18-20h I wouldn’t rely on one spray of deodorant to last two days!

For its dedication to helping the planet stay green and the deodorants useful properties I give Dove Invisible Dry Compressed aerosol 4/5

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•A full sized product in a mini can which shows Dove doing its bit for the environment
•No white marks!
•Quick drying liquid
•Pleasant fresh smell


•The can claims there is 48h protection but I’d have to disagree with that