Does Jelly Pong Pong mascara really make your lashes flutter like a butterfly?


fairy lashes mascara flutter

Jelly Pong Pong are cute and unique British makeup brand have recently lauched their new mascara Fairy Lashes.

The mascara comes in a gorgeous baby blue box with gorgeous illustrations of a flower and full information on the product. When mascaras traditionally come just as they are it’s lovely to see a product that is a little bit different!

Jelly pong pong mascara information

jelly pong pong mascara box

Having received a Fairy lashes mascara from May’s Glossy Box I put it to the test.


After using Jelly Pong Pong mascara


  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Gives a small amount of volume
  • There was a great accentuation of my lower lashes


  • On removing the mascara it leaves loads of odd fibres which are quite difficult to get off
  • Clumped a few of my lashes together