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Ditch the salon and jazz up your nails with Kiss Nail wraps

With the summer in full swing we don’t want to waste time painting our nails whilst our friends are out enjoying the sun.

That’s where Kiss nail wraps come into play.

The new range comes in 9 attractive designs with everything from leopard print to sequins to jazz up your nails.

The  wraps are meant to last for ten days, and without the worry of your nails chipping or needing a touch up, it leaves you plenty of time to enjoy the beach.

The set comes with 18 different sizes of wraps, a little nail file with two sides and a small instruction booklet. The wraps were really easy to apply and stuck quite well to my nails. After applying the wrap you gently file the ends off using either the pink or blue side of the nail file according to the design. The wraps filed fairly easily but there was little bits of excess left over which were quite difficult to remove. There was also a slight difference in size to my nail and the wrap which left things slightly inconsistent.

From a distance my nails look really professional like the designs you get in a nail salon.

Kiss Nail Wraps are a great range of designs which gives you funky nails in no time at all. The wraps have the added bonus of no drying time, but in my opinion don’t save much time as you have to shape and file the wraps to fit your nails.

You can grab Kiss nail wraps for £5.99 at Asda stores.

I give them 4/5



*This sample was kindly sent by Alex Silver PR.