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Discover something new with Frankie Rose Raven Red Lipstick

The Hype
Frankie Rose lipstick is available in 14 creamy hydrating shades. The smooth formula is enriched with Jojoba oil and Canolin oils to seal in moisture. Whether you prefer a matte, pearly shine or shimmer finish there’s a shade that is suitable for any mood or skin tone. You can use the shades or alone or even mix them for a endless series of combinations.

The Lowdown
I first discovered the Frankie Rose Raven lipstick in the Wantable beauty box. I instantly thought the packaging was very posh and the rich red shade was absolutely gorgeous.

Unlike a lot of lipstick I’ve tried this one doesn’t have much of a smell at all, if anything it has a slightly ‘waxy’ smell.The lipstick doesn’t disappoint in how it applies and felt soft and moisturising. The colour is quite striking on initially but I did feel it had more of a pinky tone to it when it’s actually on the lip as compared to the stick. Unfortunately it didn’t fare so well with eating and drinking and I found it did start to slip off on my bottom lip. A few hours later and it had pretty much disappeared.

A lovely shade but it is let down by slipping off soon after applying. I have tried cheaper lipsticks that fare better after eating and drinking so that does let it down slightly.

I give it 3/5

Grab it for $16 at Frankie Rose